Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Long Weekend By the Numbers

10: On a scale of 1-10, this weekend was definitely a 10. From the late night groom's roast, to getting trampled in the bouquet toss, to dancing all night long, and a nap, and getting the cats back from Camp Parents, and just all of the funtimes :)

9: Times I said at dinner Friday night "Isn't this worth the drive" while at Food 101 at Mount Holyoke. (It was TOTALLY worth the drive!)

8: Number of compliments I received on my earrings Saturday night. I referred them all to Tallman, since he gets sad that he bought them and I never wear them. (In my defense, they are three inches long and gold leaves, they are not for every day.)

7: Various foods I made on Monday (four lunches for me for the week, today's lunch, today's dinner,  breakfast, Tallman's weekly wheat bread (its the only way to get him to eat a healthy breakfast), pumpkin smoosh, and beans from our csa for freezing).

6: dollars it cost to rent a paddle boat Saturday. Tallman and I had a super fun time paddling about, or rather I had a fun time paddling, Tallman was a liiiittle too big to comfortably get to the pedals... but it was a really good work out for me ;)

5: Glass containers purchased this weekend. One for my tea bags on the counter, one for Olive Oil, one for Canola Oil, and two for soap... I've been meaning to buy these for months!

4: Days off in a row :) :) :) :) SO nice.

3: T-shirts Purchased at the Mount Holyoke Campus Store! It was open! I was really surprised because I'm not sure its been open when I wanted it to be since my sophomore year of college (7 years ago!)

2: Polkas I danced at Steph's wedding! Once with Tallman, and once with the Groom. (I'm pretty sure we all looked like idiots, but idiots having a really great time!)

1: Naps I took this weekend, yeah only one. It was a busy weekend :)

0: Number of pictures of me and the bride OR groom at Steph's wedding. I am kicking myself a little, but not too much because I had such a fantastic time I was just too darn busy to take pictures :) :) 

Congratulations Steph and Phill may your lives together be as awesome as your wedding was, and full of polka-ing :p

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