Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pretty in Pink

I can't say that I loved Pretty in Pink the movie. I think Ducky is lame and I think Molly Ringwald's character is more whiny than usual-- even for a teenager.

But pink is such a fun, feminine, and pretty color.
Arabelle Dress
Cece Leather Ballet Flat

I think these would look great separately, the shoes would especially be a wonderful pop of color to any outfit. But worn together they would make quite a eye catching ensemble.
Of course, pink might not be your style.
Basket Weave Shift Dress

Cece Leather Ballet Flat
A little bit of sunshine, a fantastic outfit. Pink, yellow, a pop of color or a whole outfit of color. Very fun. Would you dare? Would you stick out in the crowd in your outfit of fun? :) Or will you stick with your simple pop of color?
I'll stick with head to toe grey and black. But maybe someday I'll dare to do head to toe pink!

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