Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend by the Numbers

10: Minutes to blow out my hair So what it took me until I was 25.5 to figure out how to do my hair... I blame a lack of keratin treatments... because before it used to take me 40 minutes and it would look like I'd been electrocuted. Not cute.

9: minutes repotting a lavender plant to give it more room.... or 90,000,000 times I am going to wonder if it will survive this rainy gray period (it likes the sun) and its repotting

8: ounces of fillet mingon I had Friday night and my new favorite fancy Boston restaurant Mooo. (it was FANTASTIC! though maybe we should've saved it for a special occasion and not just date night, oops)

7: Loads of laundry I had to do this weekend! A weekend away really puts me behind in the laundry department.. Tallman's clothes are like three times the size of mine and really fill up the baskets and the machine!

6: biscuits eaten by Tallman and I Sunday morning with nutella :)

5: mintues I spent trying to untangle the vacuum cord, or 5 seconds which is what it took Tallman (I don't think its a strength thing, I think he must be a vacuum whisperer)

4: number of arguments Tallman got into Saturday night about which had more deadly animals Australia or the US (he was really not letting it go, neither was the other guy)

3: Number of Corona Lights I had Saturday night while hanging out with some high school friends (one of whom was visiting from Australia, one who JUST took the NY bar, and one who is moving to Texas on Tuesday!)

2: Number of Posts last week, for which I deeply apologize

1: Days off I have this week (woooo!) Because Tallman's parents are coming for a visit this weekend! Time to clean the apartment and put on my polite pants :p

How was your weekend?

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