Monday, July 2, 2012

Headboard Creation Part 4

Saturday morning Tallman and I decided to put the headboard on the bed. How to attach it had been the subject of some discussion for a few days, and while Tallman took the reigns Saturday morning in assembling.
Here let me show you what I mean:
He put three boards vertically on the headboard to attach to the base of the bedframe. Originally we'd ruled out this idea because the nails could come through the front of the headboard and be deeply unpleasant and not at all relaxing.

Then he put one across the headboard, nailed into the vertical boards, which then attach into the posts onto the bed. This allows the horizontal board to get around the foam density on the sides and nail to the posts without tipping.

Then moving left to right he nailed the horizontal board to the post, then the boards to the bottom of the bed frame, and then to the post. Then put in more nails to make it super sturdy.

What was I doing during all this? Other than taking pictures? I was holding the headboard in place. And moaning about my sinus headache. Tallman is the best. :)

And how great does this headboard look? Kinda like the picture mock ups I did months and months ago? Not really, I like it better. I like that its light and calm and I love the headboard :)

Hope you enjoyed the process with me!

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