Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Weekend in North Carolina

on a completely different note from yesterday's post....

I had a FANTASTIC time in North Carolina! We had beautiful hot weather down there while Boston suffered through a cold rainy spell. I got along great with Tallman's parents, and had some quality time with Tallman's mother that made me really happy.
I went shopping, went swimming, went to a beautiful garden wedding that was idyllic and sweet and a rocking good time, went hiking, and relaxed in ease and comfort.

I brought Rosemary Lemon Shortbread Cookies as a gift and they were a hit! Tallman's mom said she didn't want a dress because it was too long and it was a Jcrew dress from 2008 that my parents gave to me for my birthday in a different color and when I went back to get another they'd sold out, SCORE! I ate half a watermelon and drank delicious wine.

All in all it was an excellent time, and congratulations to Tallman and my good friends Mattanda on getting married, you had a beautiful wedding and I hope you have a beautiful life together.

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