Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Room Update

It occurs to me that a few weeks ago I told you about things we did in the den/spare room/office/chamber of secrets and I told you I wouldn't show you the room because it was a disaster.

Well it looks better now, so I thought I'd show it to you...
Ok... so its still a mess. There is a pile of picture frames next to a pair of shoes (mentioned in Monday's post) Clearly Tallman's sport coat does not belong on the back of the office chair... and while slightly better than the reusable grocery bag they were in the books look a bit disorganize.
But look at that desk! and that rug! So pretty.

Other rooms that have seen remarkable improvement in the past two months are the dining room:
This was taken the night we moved in.  The living room chairs are in the dining room the dining room just has furniture, and its clearly really late at night because the colors are all bizarre.
This was taken over the weekend. While sitting on the living room couch. Clearly we've started our gallery wall. It really makes the room more than just a room with a table in it. The side table covered in board games helps too :)

We're making progress on making this apartment homey and ours. Though I can't make any promises on whether the back room/den/man cave will ever be clean. But that's kinda the point of that room. Right? RIGHT? hehe

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