Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hunt for the perfect Gray Bedding...

So as the title of this post CLEARLY states: I am on the hunt for perfect gray bedding. I want a charcoal duvet cover and then this lighter gray blanket on top (for snuggling, naps, and warmer weather when you need something lighter).
La Crosse Supersize Primaloft Blanket
I recently took a nap under this quilt and it was glorious. (Thanks Knowledge!) So its already been tested as a good option!

The light gray in this picture is hard to see. But its there and I think it would be nice in contrast to the dark woods of our dressers.

So the next step is a bit harder... the duvet cover and the decorative pillow cases (two Euro Shams ie square, and two regular) I want to set a darker color scheme but not be super matchy matchy.

If I was good at art I'd draw a picture... but I'm not so here is this sketch I did in paint:

I'm an artistic genius! Maybe not...
So what do you think? The light gray blanket is CLEARLY folded at the bottom, our dressers and night stands are definitely darker wood, but that is the general color scheme I'm thinking... the lamps are a work in progress and I'm looking for the right color duvets and pillow cases. Any suggestions?
If you see a nice solid color charcoal duvet cover PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

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