Monday, November 14, 2011

TV tables and Desks...

Tallman and I were talking about what furniture of his wouldn't make the move when/if we move in together. We heartily agreed on a rickety yet heavy bookshelf, the rock band drums, the second x box, and the rug in the spare room/hobbit hole. I ventured that the desk in his bedroom and the matching TV stand were too modern (They're glass and black metal, bleck) and too bachelor pad to go with the rest of his furniture. (We'll address the two giant TV's if it becomes a problem, so far our compromise is I have two cats, he has two giant TVs.) The rest of Tallman's furniture (and mine for good measure) is dark sold hard woods, so the glass and metal just doesn't work.

I was thinking something like this for a new TV stand:
Hemnes TV unit
Because then it would have somewhere to store video games, and extra cords etc. (Tallman has a LOT of etc.) I would especially like it in an office with this desk.
Hemnes Desk
It would be able to store his desk top and a printer and not much else. (Which is good, because sometimes if a space is big enough one's mess will encompass the entire space, I know I can be guilty of this too.) But speaking of me... if I were to be the one picking a desk, I would want this one:

Hemnes Secretary Desk
I love me some secretary desks. Also I know Tallman would disagree but I wouldn't mind going the Ikea route with these pieces. No other part of his or my furniture comes from Ikea, so I think it would be alright for an office to have these pieces. Especially since desks can be HEAVY if made from solid wood.

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