Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rave Review: The Fish and Bone

Guys, you all know I work in Boston. I'll stop hiding it. I'm coming out as a Bostonian in order to tell you about The Fish and Bone. It is AWESOME. I was wandering Newbury Street this weekend and I remembered a red haired girl a blond friend of mine likes to hang out with (I can only reveal so much!) telling me about an amazing pet store on Newbury Street that might be able to help me out with Sage's issues.

Background: You know Sage was peeing every where and was sick... you don't? well she was... for months, and they took a bladder stone out and we're supposed to give her special food so it doesn't happen again. Problem is the special food is hard to find.

So the redhead suggested I go to Fish and Bone and see what they've got. Well, what they've got is an amazing owner who knows her stuff. She is extremely knowledgeable about animal health and the available products. I was seriously impressed.

Sage (and Parsley too because its unclear if Sage eats more than an 1/8 of the food put out, not from hunger, but from stage fright and bullies) now is eating wetter food with a cranberry powder mixed in. It looks kinda weird red but if it helps, it helps and hopefully Sage won't have anymore problems.
If you're in the Boston area and you have a pet, or you have a friend with a pet who you like buying toys for... go to Fish and Bone. AMAZING.

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