Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lunares Home Goods

I find a lot of new and cool home goods websites via Real Simple (I love Real Simple btw). Lunares Home is a recent example. I like a lot of their stuff, and much of it is in the fun, almost in that time of my life but not quite there yet...

Miss Pigglesworth Charcuterie Platter
Like this platter... Amazing... but I don't think I really quite need it... even after I get an apartment... not until my dinner parties really feel like they're missing a pig shaped sense of whimsy.
Gold Scottie Dog Wings Coinbank
Or this coin bank... not to mention, I've already got a coin bank, she is a very handsome piggy.
Athena Candleholder
But I love the smaller candle holder here. Its so gorgeous. Can you imagine how it would gleam by candle light? I can already picture using two of the small ones as Shabbat candle stick holders... Gorgeous.
Canto Leaf Salad Bowl
Tallman and I aren't big salad eaters, but I think we would be if we had an amazing salad bowl like this one. It makes me want to have dinner parties.
Anyway... I think you should go check out Lunares Home. Whether you need stuff for your apartment or not, its just really pretty!

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