Friday, October 21, 2011

Required Weekend Shopping Spree

Ok, so I don't have enough work clothes. Two weeks into the endeavor it is clear, I wear the same 5 outfits on rotation. But now that I have received a paycheck I feel like I can fix this problem.
I will fix this problem by visiting my favorite personal shopper at Jcrew this weekend.
Here is a visual list of the things I plan on trying on and if they fit, purchasing:
JCrew Keynote dress
Emmaleigh Dress
I prefer to wear skirts or dresses to work, they usually fit better, but these say "straight skirt" not full or a-line, so they might not fit as well, we'll see.
Jcrew Suit
I'll probably end up getting a new black suit, with suit pants, just in case I'm feeling whimsical and want to wear pants some day.

JCrew Winnie Dress
I got this dress in gray and I love love love love it!
Jcrew Teddie Dress
Jcrew Cashmere Tshirt Sweater
Jcrew Cashmere Cardigan
JCrew Jackie Cardigan
If I had to choose a favorite Jcrew article of clothing it would be the Jackie cardigan. It is the most worn item in my wardrobe and I have 5.... soon to be more I hope, they're so dang useful!

I'll let you know how my expedition this weekend goes, and what I come home with!

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