Thursday, October 20, 2011

Decorative Pins

I like my work clothes to be pretty boring. Maybe its because I'm a lawyer, or maybe its because I'm boring. I like black, gray, and navy solids with my color coming in through cardigans or a shirt in an otherwise muted ensemble. (Maybe later, I'll show you my outfits)
But I like pins. Pins can accent colors in an outfit or make an otherwise dull outfit a little bit more interesting. Currently the only pin I own is a little bit like this one:
Vintage Purple Flower Pin
But I think I might get a couple more, to keep my outfits from being overly boring. I went to Etsy (because I don't REALLY want to spend over $100 on a pin) to get an idea of what I liked...
Vintage Milk Glass Juliana Brooch
Octapus Vintage Pin
(what is the point of having a pin be your outfits point of interest if it isn't interesting?)
Vintage Trifari Pin
Vintage Carved Coral and Jade Pin
Pins, Brooches, whatever, they're a cute way to enliven a gray, navy or black work ensemble.

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