Thursday, October 27, 2011

Book Review: Bossypants

Have you read Bossypants? Do you like 30 Rock? Did you enjoy Baby Mama? What about Bridesmaids? I think Bossypants is a little more like Bridesmaids than Baby Mama, because its crude, but more like 30 Rock than anything else because its a little stream of consciousness and that consciousness is TINA FEY.

I 120% enjoyed this book. I enjoyed when she was crude, impolitic, and not oversharing details which left me guessing more about her life than I thought I wanted to know (example, I didn't know she had a scar on her face, just didn't notice, but she mentioned it a bunch and pointedly did not tell the story of how she got it other than she was a child and it was in an alley, and now I'm really really curious, more than before when I didn't notice she had a scar...)

The best thing about this book is that its funny. Laugh aloud, people-think-you're crazy-until-they-see-you're-reading-Tina-Fey's-book, funny. My one complaint is that she doesn't like the c-word. I do. But I probably wouldn't like being called it either, especially by a co-worker.
Anyway, Tina Fey rocks, and so does this book. Read it.

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