Monday, September 12, 2011

Made well... Madewell... Mad Ewell.

I love Jcrew. 90% of my everything comes from Jcrew, though I prefer their more classic prep styles than sequined harem pants and Jenna is not my style icon, despite what the New York Magazine says about her. But this fall Jcrew has moved away from their odder stuff and is more conservative and I'm happy with that.
One of the style shifts for Jcrew over the years has been adding Madewell to its company collection (they're separate stores, but owned by the same company, like Gap and Banana Republic). When Madewell first hit malls I made a point of trotting over and checking it out. I was entirely disappointed. Lots of really expensive clothes made too look worn, so worn they barely look wearable.

But a comment on my blog sent me over to the website this weekend, and I found some cute stuff (to my surprise!)
BEE SCARF (thanks KBAdler!)
I like this blue bee scarf, but with so many things I'd have to touch it before buying, what if it feels too synthetic?
Croc Telegram Pouch
I recently saw in a magazine a bit on a woman who keeps her makeup in a bag she can also use as a clutch, I thought that was genius. Dump out the make up, put in keys, phone and wallet and you're ready for the evening.
Anchors Away Dress
I saw this and immediately thought of my college roommate SLM (who is getting married next year and it just occurred to me, her initials will not be changing, I'm a little jealous).
Rail Straight Jeans
I like these jeans, though they'd probably look awful on me with my bum, they'd REALLY look good on Knowledge, and they're not a terrible price for jeans, under $100. (Remember when pants cost less than $50? sigh)

Madewell is still a little too hipster for me. The styles are too hipster, and the cuts are too skinny for my body. But thanks to the commenter I gave Madewell another chance and took a look around, and did see some nice things.

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