Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Leather Messenger Bag

I'm thinking of getting Tallman a leather messenger bag for Christmas. Currently he is using a beat up hand me down back pack that is very functional, but very worn, and honestly we frequently go out of our way or are late so he can leave it at home before we go out (it looks very incongruous at many of the restaurants and bars we go to, because we don't hang out at Wendy's). I want something in a dark brown and super basic looking, very masculine, and rich looking without being super crazy expensive. (I used the words "super" and "looking" twice each in that sentence, I guess I want it to look super...)
Here is what I have so far:
Etsy Seller Rock Cows
This bag ships from an Etsy Seller in China. I'm sorry China, but that makes me nervous, while basically perfect I'll probably not order this bag.
Bleeker Legacy Leather Courier Bag
At $400, this Coach bag is pretty damn expensive. Especially since it doesn't have a designated section for a laptop. But it is soooo beautiful.
Kenneth Cole Reaction Messenger Bag
This bag is cheaper. But in the pictures the leather already looks worn and dinged up. Also I had a Kenneth Cole Reaction purse in high school and it looked cheap. This is something I'd really want to see in person before buying (they do sell it on Endless, so it could be a buy it and return it free option.)
Latico Heritage Double Buckle Messenger Bag
I like this one, but.... I dunno, I'm not wild about it at all. I feel like this is what I'd choose if I was tired of looking. But its very early yet so that isn't the case at all.
Le Donne Leather Distressed Quick Access Bag
I don't love that this one closes with velcro, and I worry about the quality of the leather, but other than that I think its great. It has the right amount and size of pockets, its definitely simple and masculine.

Pelle Studio Vacqueta Leather Porthole Handle Briefcase
I like this one, but they don't show a picture of what it looks like inside, and with out that how am I supposed to know anything about it?

Oh well, that's as far in my search as I've gotten. Any suggestions of where to look?

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