Thursday, September 1, 2011

Book Review: Girls in White Dresses

Man, could this book be any different from Postmistress or Day After Night? Ugh. This book by Jennifer Close was straight up chick lit, and I'm a little embarrassed to have read it. I went really fast toward the end just so it would be over with. (I almost didn't tell you about it, so as to hide my shame.)

Girls in White Dresses is your standard chick lit, New York City, friends out of college navigating guys and jobs, finding guys and having kids and blah blah blah. The writing style is like listening to an annoying friend tell a story about people you don't know or care about.
This book almost got good in the middle, when one of the main characters was dating a guy she clearly didn't like and shouldn't have stayed with, but like so much of the book it was a vignette of something you've seen before without going any deeper. Not that I expected the book to be well written or deep, but man, I wasn't expecting the triteness to be so apparent.

My advice, don't read this book, unless you loved Sex and the City and cried when it ended and watch the DVDs every week and have never wanted to punch Carrie in the face for whining. If you have ever wanted to punch Carrie or shake Charlotte or smack Miranda or not touch Samantha or a even a seat she sat on, then don't read this book, you'll be annoyed, I promise.

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