Friday, September 2, 2011

Book Review: Casting About

This is another book I'm a little embarrassed to admit to having read. But I feel better about it because it was another "killing time at the library find" and I enjoyed it for its sweet story and simplicity.

Casting About is actually the sequel to a book I have not read Spinning Forward, and not having read the first book did not make me at all confused about the characters or plot of this story.
Basically its the story of motherhood and friendship, and knitting. Though I do knit, I'm not sure that enjoying knitting is a prerequisite to enjoying the book.

The main character bought a yarn shop on a small island off the coast of Florida from her mother. She moved there to slow her life down and met a man. This story picks up four months into the marriage and his daughter from a previous marriage is about to move in and change their lives. The story is about the family, and the main character's growth into a mother.

This is the sort of book that while predictable, is still enjoyable. You know how it will go, but you enjoy it anyway because its nice. That's as good as my explanation of this book is going to get, and I realize that isn't very good.

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