Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tallman Parent Gift Part 1

L.L. Bean Zip Top Tote
Yesterday I purchased part one of the gift for Tallman's parents. I got them a large LL Bean Zip Top tote in Navy, as pictured at left. I got it monogrammed with their last name, so it'll be all personalized and cute.
Not only is this bag super New Englandy (they're made in Maine) but they're the most practical things known to man. They're made out of super sturdy canvas that will never wear out, so they'll have it forever. Possible uses for the Tall Family are a beach tote, a gym bag, for work stuff, groceries, books, toys for the baby, picnics, etc.

I hope they like it. The plan is to put things in it that will constitute the rest of the gift and either mail it or check it as luggage (because there WILL be maple syrup inside and stupid FAA regulations don't let you bring huge containers of maple syrup on planes).

How do you think I should transport the gift?
This is what the monogramming will look like, only in their actual name, and in Navy

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