Monday, August 1, 2011

Cheese Making, Eating, and Serving

Ahhh the ability to think about things that I'm not being tested on. And so we will start with cheese.
I am so very very very very glad I am not lactose intolerant because I LOVE cheese. Goat, Hard, Soft, Sheep Cow blends, though I'm not particularly fond of Gouda or Swiss, but I do love Monterey Jack, so its not all sharp cheese.
I want to make cheese. It might be on the list of things to do this August. Especially since my parents went to Vermont for their anniversary this weekend and my father picked up some cheese making books for Tallman and I to try out. I understand mozzerellas and burattas are particularly easy to make. I'm pumped, and of course I'll share my adventures with you all.

For those interested in trying to make cheese for themselves, there is an etsy shop, Urban Cheesecraft, that sells kits that look pretty easy, basically just add milk and wait.
From Etsy Seller Urban Cheesecraft
I love the idea of making such simple things from scratch. Like when I made butter. (I think its because I have a very sensitive palate that I like really good simple food, Knowledge thinks its because I'd make an excellent Bloodhound, Tallman thinks I'm a wimp because I can't handle spicy food, I love them both.)

One of my favorite meals is cheese and fruit with chocolate for dessert (wine may be included, or port, or scotch). Its filling and delicious and fruit can really mellow an intense cheese and bring out the more subtle flavors of the milk.
From Etsy Seller AHeirloom
I think this cutting board, though a fairly impractical shape, is adorable, also I'm from Massachusetts, would be amazing to have such a meal off of. Of course then I'd need some cute cheese knives. My future kitchen is so full.
North Carolina from Etsy seller AHeirloom
Tallman's home state makes a better cutting board shape, but he has lived in so many states that it might be hard to choose... North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee? Though they are all more convenient shapes than my home state.
I'll leave you to think about cutting boards and cheese. :p
Tennessee from AHeirloom
Kentucky from AHeirloom

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