Friday, August 19, 2011

Anthropologie Dress Spree

Do you ever go into a store find lots of lovely things, try them on and look horrible in all of them? This happens to me. But Wednesday I went into Anthropologie and I figured I'd kill some time and try to find a back up dress to my friend Maya's wedding (its a multi-day indian wedding with lots of outfit changes for all, bride, bridal party, men, women, children). So I went through the store and snatched up any dress that might be even a little bit appropriate for the wedding. No black, no white, nothing too short, and nothing too casual. I ended up with maybe 10 dresses.
Folks, let me tell you, I was not having a particularly gorgeous day, but when I stepped into that fitting room it was like entering Narnia. Not only did I have to get nearly all the dresses in smaller sizes, the dresses looked amazing on. AMAZING. So I did the only sane thing imaginable. I bought four.

Yes, I'm poor and jobless. But they were so pretty!
Avon Bloom Dress from Anthropologie
I like this one, it fits where it should, has pockets, and is a bit longer than I normally wear things so its visually interesting in that respect.
Ajisai Dress
This dress is cut very similarly to a few dresses I already have (I like them because they're flattering) but it is more casual, and the background is olive with coral and lime and navy flowers/stems which sounds hideous but its very pretty.
Whirligig Dress
I got this last one in Lavender and Navy. I wore the Navy one last night to Maya's Mehndi (where we put henna on). They're really soft and comfortable, but because of the draping they look dressy. Awesome!

Do you ever buy more than you intend because you can't resist how gorgeous you look? Is that narcissism?

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