Wednesday, June 22, 2011

H's Kitchen Essentials--Spatula Edition

I'm sorry I've been a bad blogger. I've never shared with you my favorite kitchen tools! Sure I've told you about kitchen tools I want. But I've never told you about my favorites. The things that when I'm in a kitchen I absolutely must have (good thing I always buy them for friends as house warming gifts... aren't I kind?)
Now these aren't the ONLY things in my kitchen, but these are so useful I find myself buying them over and over for friends, for me and loving them.
William Sonoma Fish Spatula
I honestly don't know how to function with out this fish spatula. Its amazing for fish of course, but it is terrific on pancakes because it can get all the way under them, its wonderful for straining because it is slotted you can tip your pan and drain water/juice/liquid/etc, its awesome for cutting cake slices, for stirfry (you can scrape the pan), and generally my favorite took for whenever I have to manipulate food in a pan.

William Sonoma Silicone Spatulas
Kitchens that don't have these shouldn't be called kitchens. They are silicone so they are heat resistant so you can use them in anything. But they're flexible enough to frost a cake with or get the last bit of hot fudge out of a jar. The wooden handles are great because they don't get hot when you're cooking and leave the spatula in your tomato sauce while you wander away. And the silicone tops pop off so you can put them in the dish washer and won't ruin the handle by doing the same. I use these for almost everything (including some things I also use my fish spatula for).
They're only downside is small and easily overcome-able, they can retain smells. Knowledge came up with an amazing way to get around this though. Take a sharpie and on one set write "Savory" and on the handles of the other set write "sweet", another option is getting two sets in different colors and having red be savory and blue be sweet. Really its only a problem because these spatulas are so amazing that you'll use them for everything, and one day you'll make jambalaya with them and then the next day you'll go to scrape down the sides of your cake bowl and be completely weirded out when you go to lick the extra batter off your spatula. (Tallman has done this, so have I, so has Knowledge, the spicy food--> cake problem is real!)

Ok I've talked long enough about spatulas, the word spatula is silly, go back to your everyday lives. Also, Williams-Sonoma didn't pay me to write this, but if they're listening I'll take some free spatulas. Also, I'm pretty sure other places sell these spatulas (Le Cruset has some silicone spatulas that are essentially the same, and you can get to match your dutch ovens!) but I own the ones from Williams-Sonoma, so I feel best qualified to talk about those.

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