Friday, June 24, 2011

Bar Prep: Week 4

We're almost half way through the classes portion of the course, and there are only 33 days until day 1 of the bar exam. And dear readers, let me tell you, I am looking forward to August.

Al and Steph- we're on for any amazing plans you want to envision in August.
August also holds an two day Indian wedding, the first of my high school friends to marry, and what will possibly set a high bar for fun and dancing and awesomeness for the rest of us.
In August I'd also like to go to the beach. Because dear readers, friends, random internet ghosts, let me tell you: I'm pale. Sure, I wear sunscreen and this is so I won't prematurely age my skin or die of skin cancer, but even with the sunscreen I'm pale.
Today I saw one of my closest law school friends with his girlfriend, and I was struck at how pale he was. His girlfriend looked like it was summer, healthy glow, a couple freckles since the last time I saw her, etc. And next to her he looked like he lived underground (which other than the fact that he hangs out on the 6th floor of the library is basically true).

I know these August plans/skin tone don't seem to really be a reflection on how studying for the bar is going. But if you were, or are, in the thick of things studying along side me, you would understand how looking forward to August and getting some sun is related to the work that still has to be done. Its a carrot. (The stick is the idea that if I don't do well in August I'll have to do this whole damn thing over again.)

Other than looking forward to fun and sun, studying is going well. I'm doing what the checklists tell me to do, wishing there were more hours in a day to study, and enjoying it when I decide to go home early instead.

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