Thursday, May 5, 2011

Marshmallow Cravings

I usually listen to my cravings (no I'm not pregnant), I figure they are my body telling me that I need something in my diet that I'm not getting enough of. Usually this comes in the form of spinach, and I cannot rest until I've eaten an entire bag of it. Sometimes this comes in the form of berries, or eggs, or something really odd and out of season like the butternut squash in July, or pineapple in October, and I do my best to satisfy it.
But lately I've been craving s'mores. And more specifically toasted marshmallows.
via Pintrest, I found an easy s'mores cookie recipe that seems pretty awesome.
From Pintrest AND Fahrenheit 350
I'll let you know what happens once/if I try it. But I thought I'd pass it along since it seems easy, delicious and you never know who else might be trying to satisfy their marshmallow craving.

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