Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bar Studying: Week One

My post finals laze about has come to an end and it is time to get cracking! There are 57 days until the bar exam and it is time to study for it. I am taking the most widely used bar prep class called BarBri. They were owned by Thomson Publishing, the owner of Westlaw, but I think they got bought, or sold or something. I chose it because its the oldest running bar prep organization and a lot of people use it. Tried and True, I guess hope.
Last week was the unofficial kick off of the program and there was a preview course which consisted of answering multiple choice questions in the six multistate bar exam (MBE) subjects. I did those, though, not in the precise two a day schedule they set out and did extremely poorly on all of them except torts.
Tomorrow my official class starts, which is a 6pm-10pm video taped class that we have to sit through and follow along with a work sheet. Sounds boring? Darn tootin! That's why I chose to do the night class, to do the boring stuff during the evening hours instead of during the day when I might actually get some learning done. Other than attending the class the bar prep program consists of practicing the multi-state multiple choice questions, practicing the state specific essays, and learning the material so you don't fail.
Right now I'm pretty optimistic despite doing poorly on the preview prep questions, because I have almost two months to study and to learn how to take this test and the program seems pretty well paced and laid out so that if you follow it and do the work you'll do fine on the test. But I'll keep you guys posted on how that actually pans out.

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