Monday, April 18, 2011

Why is this dress such an issue?

On Friday I went into Kate Spade and I tried on the dress. Just for size, to see if the 6 fit so that if I wanted to order it online I would be able to.
The Dress
Well I liked it so much I put it on hold. Dad said go ahead after I sent him an iphone picture from the dressing room, but I didn't want to carry it around that evening so I waited.
That night I showed the iphone dressing room picture to TallMan and his response was "eh".
Soooooo not the reaction I was looking for. But I bought the dress the next day and took it home to my parents house to show them how it looks.
Mom: looks like a tablecloth and the neckline is weird.
Dad: it looks matronly.

A) where is my mother buying her tablecloths!? I love the print.
B)MATRONLY? Isn't this the man that gives me a hard time if my skirts are too short, and my necklines are too low, and has for the past 10+ years?

To be fair I did email the picture to Knowledge and she likes it, but she might just like it because I'm smiling in my dressing room picture. Also, I showed an ex the picture and told him about the tablecloth comment and his response was "its a dress, it looks like a dress and your mother is crazy". Better but still luke warm.

I like the dress because of the fit (it zips up right into the small of my waist perfectly), the color (blue is nice but I like the pattern with the white and the blue), I think its a perfect graduation dress because it is conservative but really pretty, perfect for pictures and morning events, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that it is silk.

I've made a bargain with Mom that if she can find something better I'll return it. I haven't been impressed with the things she had me try on at Saks. (I thought they were too matronly, parents liked them). But we'll see, I'll keep you updated, and cross your fingers that someone else will like the dress as much as I do.

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