Thursday, April 28, 2011

Where has the time gone?

I am in a state of shock. Time is flying. It is moving so quickly that I'm shocked at the end of every week, and now that I have reached the last day of classes I am completely shocked that law school is over.
I just can't believe I've been at law school for three years.
I went to college for four, but only three of them I was actually there. Three years is the same amount of time I spent in undergrad. Three years is most of high school. Three years. It just doesn't seem that long.

2011. I saw something that said 2009, and my first thought was what? I wasn't in college then? I was in law school!? That is shocking. I was honestly shocked that in 2009 I wasn't in college. Because 2009 was a while ago. That means college was even longer ago. See. Shocking.

I keep having these moments, where I realize that time is passing, and has passed. That I have worked my way through this thing and its about to be over. Like eating a whole pizza. You see it and you're like yeah I guess I can eat that, but then you do and you are shocked that you actually managed it, and that there is no more pizza left. This is different in that I'm not also ashamed that I've eaten a whole pizza and with law school ending there is no desire to throw up or take a nap or never eat again- oh wait yes there is. :p

I realize that this post is a little bit of a mind vomit, but I honestly can say that I find the fact that I'm about to be done with law school very surprising. I think I've used the word shock 30 times in this post so far, which must be very annoying for you to read, also there have been no pictures, for which I'm sorry. But really what is the point of having a blog if you can't vomit your introspection every so often? Like maybe at life changing moments in time.

Looking Back: In the last three years I've made some amazing law school friends, have learned so much law, and more importantly how to cram information into my head, how to write, how to network, how to find a job. I've lived three places, had two boyfriends (not at the same time), gotten cats, gotten sick, Knowledge has moved here and then moved away, I've been on vacation, I've had internships, I've practiced law and practiced knitting.
It seems like my college graduation was yesterday. I still regret the outfit I wore, and I still love the people I spent my senior week with. But at the same time college graduation seems so long ago, almost like it happened to a different person.

Looking Forward: As I've already told you I have two weeks until finals are over, then two weeks until bar classes start, then two months until I take the bar then three months until we find out if we passed. So by early November I'll hopefully have a job and will have passed the bar. That is six months away. A lot can happen in those six months, especially if they're anything like the last six, but I'm hoping they pass just as quickly since I am looking forward to joining the real world.

I have a feeling that when 2012 comes I'm going to look back at 2011 and think that was both the longest and the shortest year ever.
Do you ever get surprised at time, how quickly or slowly it passes?

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