Friday, April 22, 2011


How awesome is this? I found it the other day on Design*Sponge. Its a re-imagination of the fox and the grape fable by a Texas mural company called Red Start. Check out their blog for other awesome designs.
I like this one the best because its so vibrant, yet it doesn't overwhelm the space because its repetitiveness makes the intricate pattern less intense. I would love a mural on my dining room walls. It would be gorgeous!
from Pintrest
Though this one might be a little more appropriate if I owned an Italian Villa, or wanted to make my more modern house feel like I owned an Italian Villa.
From Pintrest
And I love this dining room, but I might feel bad inviting men over to my house for dinner if this was my dining room. It looks more like an early 18th century ladies parlor, except for the dining room table and the modern vibe.

No matter what those, murals ARE gorgeous!

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