Friday, March 11, 2011

Wasting Time in H&M leads to...

Last week, I learned the hard way that being early to yoga is awkward, so this week I wandered around H&M beforehand.
I found this bag that struck my fancy:

and this skirt that I would totally have purchased without even trying it on if they'd had it in more sizes than just 0 and 2:
 It was silk(ish), maybe 2 inches above the knee and the pleats made it A-line without making it overly hip-y. I have lots of summer dresses, but I could be convinced to buy a summery skirt.

The bag I would've bought there, on the spot. I love its slightly Birkin/Grace Kelly look. It was big without being huge, and very professional looking. EXCEPT the faux leather was so cheap feeling it was actually a little gross. I had an amazing H&M fake leather bag in college that I still miss (that I accidentally ruined by spilling a bottle of wine in it... sigh, yeah... college), but this bag just felt/looked waaaay too cheap for my current lifestyle (very poor but I've gotta look nice and classy so people will hire me).

So I perused Endless for similar, but higher quality bags. I like Endless because they have a good selection of high end and low price stuff, also they're linked to Amazon so they're legit and have my account information already. After checking Endless, I went to Zappos which is also legit, but doesn't have my saved account information, yet.
Here are a few of what I found:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Saddlery Loulou Satchel $558
Expensive but GORGEOUS, might be worth it for a graduation present. Hint, hint, oh wait, TallMan and parents don't read this blog.

B. Makowsky Classics Waverly Medium Satchel $240(ish)
This one is ok, I like that it has feet. But its not as great as structure/style of the H&M one though. Also, the leather looks a little fake.

DKNY Vintage Leather Classic Large North/South Satchel $325
Pretty, not sure how I feel about the black, but I like the black a little more than I like the brown/tan color. But its a good size, and very business-y looking, maybe a little too business like?

Kate Spade New York Cobble Hill Leslie $425.
LOVE LOVE LOVE. If I had to choose between this an the marc, ohhh I might choose this one. i <3 katespade! I even love it in black, and that leather, you can tell, even from the picture that its just BEAUTIFUL feeling.

I think I'll end on that one.

In summery, dear readers, I have expensive taste and a love of soft, gorgeous animal flesh.

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