Sunday, March 6, 2011


So I feel like I need to do a follow up post on Talbots. I visited their store on Friday and tried on the denim dress I had been raving about. It was pretty awful. The denim was lighter than pictured online, the stitching was very yellow to the point of unattractiveness, the friend I was with suggested that it would have been better in blue thread and I agree. Also the cut was severely unattractive. I was trying on a size too big because that was what they had, but the length and flounces which online looked demure and cute, in person looked dowdy and heavy.

I was very disappointed.

All I tried on was the denim dress, but if the fit is so different from what it appears online, I am hesitant about the rest of the new Talbots line. *SadFace* :(

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