Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I want these shoooooes!

I love Cole Haan. I have two pairs of pumps from them and I want more. I like them because they're so well made, and classic looking.

I saw these shoes a few weeks ago while out browsing in the ritzy part of town. The only thing that stopped me from buying them right then was the fact that I had just moved and my life was feeling VERY cluttered. Oh and the fact that I have no money, yeah, that little guy.

I have wedges from Cole Haan already, but they're slightly higher, and they have a leather sole so I can't wear them as often. But I love them because they are sooooo easy to walk in, and I have problems walking in heels.
I feel like if I bought these they'd be all I wore, and I'm kind of loving them in red. The patten leather is divine, and the rubber on the sole makes them slightly more wearable than the shoes I already have.

I wish I had a job so I could buy these!

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